The Top 5 Places To Eat in Dollywood

Have you ever been to Dollywood and suddenly got hungry after enjoying all the activities and riding the rides? Well, we have some options for you to go to and eat! We will show you The Top 5 Places To Eat in Dollywood! However, if you are currently outside of Dollywood, we have an article for the best BBQ in Pigeon Forge

1. Aunt Granny’s Buffet

One of the Top 5 Places To Eat in Dollywood, and probably the best! Image:

This is a really good buffet that we have been to many times! The ham, sweet tea, and fried chicken have all been absolutely delicious! We highly recommend this place in Dollywood, but here’s a tip, Most of the time it gets very full very fast, so be sure to make a reservation quickly!

2. Dogs and Taters


We actually have a TikTok Video on this, please check it out!

Possibly one of the best food stands that serve corndogs in Dollywood, this food is amazing! I personally went to it, and it was some of the best corndogs that I have eaten! You should definetly visit this food stand, it will fill you up quickly!

3. Red’s Drive In


This is one of the best places to eat in Dollywood! Let me tell you something, the burgers and fries are super good, and when I go here with a couple of friends, it feels like something from Fallout, This is one of THE BEST diners, and that’s why we put it on The Top 5 Places To Eat in Dollywood!

4. Dippin Dots


Dippin Dots is a tried and true staple of many amusement parks, attractions, hotels, and shows, It’s one of the best things to get if you just feel extremely tired, hot, and burnt out, and need something to give you a kick. It’ll get you back on your feet, and it’s one of the best desserts I’ve ever had! That’s why we added it to the top 5 places to eat in Dollywood!

5. Showstreet Snacks


This is one of the best places to get a quick snack to fill you up in Dollywood. My personal favorite is the Pretzels, that will fill you up quickly and allow you to continue the fun! Be sure to stop by this place to at least grab a pretzel.


That was The Top 5 Places To Eat in Dollywood! I highly suggest you go to these places, some of them will quickly fill you up and some are to sit down and eat at, Please check out some of the other articles on our website.

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