Best BBQ in Pigeon Forge

Best BBQ in Pigeon Forge

Do you love barbecues? Whether you’re looking for great pulled pork BBQ sandwiches or smoked ribs. Pigeon Forge is a popular tourist destination, and a favorite for those who love a great BBQ. If you want to grab some take-out or sit down in a cosy setting with your family, there are plenty of restaurants that will leave your taste buds happy. There are so many great barbecue restaurants in this area of city. Following are the best bbq in pigeon forge. Let’s go to them and look at their menus.


Calhoun’s is the fanciest of all the restaurants with elegant chandeliers and a well-decorated dining room. The atmosphere at Calhoun’s is warm and inviting when you walk in the door. The staff is polite and prompt when bringing out your food, even when busy during peak hours around lunchtime.

The team here goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and comfortable, like inviting people over to your table or bringing drinks without needing to be asked. Calhoun’s is a family owned restaurant and has been cooking up the best BBQ in Memphis since 1975. For fine dining in Pigeon Forge, there isn’t anyone better than Calhoun’s BBQ & Grill.

Address: 6515 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919, United States

Calhoun’s BBQ & Grill:

The second resturent we have for you is Calhoun’s BBQ & Grill. The menu of Calhoun’s BBQ & Grill includes ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, chicken wings and hamburgers. They are famous for their ribs, which are cooked low & slow until they are fall-off-the-bone tender.

They offer buffet-style dining, but it has plenty of options for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. There are flavorful steaks and ribs for meat lovers and vegetarian options like sweet potatoes, green beans or kale. Their salad bar is also imposing, with a large selection of different types of greens, vegetables and dressings to choose from.

The food is delicious and always hot when you get it. Our favorite dish at Calhoun’s includes a pulled pork sandwich with baked beans and coleslaw on the side. The meat is tender and juicy, seasoned to perfection, and smoky in flavor. The baked beans are a great accompaniment because they have a little bit of sweetness but not too much, making them stand out from the usual barbecue fare.

In addition to their tasty BBQ fare, Calhoun’s also has live music on certain nights of the week that gives the place more of an upscale feel than your run-of-the-mill barbeque joint. So if you’re looking for some entertainment while chowing down on your ribs, this may be just what.

Visit them at: 

They are located at 105 Parkway, Ste 1 Pigeon Forge, TN 37863. They are open from 11 am – 9 pm daily and provide catering services for any event, big or small. 

Bennett’s Pit BBQ:

Home of award-winning smoked pork, ribs and chicken that has been voted the best BBQ in Tennessee. This resturent is famous for their delicious Smoked Prime Rib with Au Jus. Bennett’s Pit BBQ is an award winner and perfect for those who want something different than the usual BBQ fare. 

Antiques and western memorabilia decorate the restaurant. Locals and tourists alike love to come here, so it’s usually pretty busy around lunchtime, but if you call ahead, they will have your table ready when you get there. The atmosphere makes you feel at home even though the food is anything but ordinary. When you walk through the door, expect to be greeted by friendly wait staff dressed in classic white uniforms with black bow ties who are eager.  

All the food is made fresh daily and prepared for you right in front of your eyes. Bennett’s Pit BBQ is the best place in Smoky to get barbecue sandwiches packed with flavor & lots of personality. Their barbecue sauce has won numerous awards all over the country, including Sauce of the Month Club, Saucy Sisters Award, Consumers’ Choice Award and has been officially recognized as one of the best BBQ sauces. There are five different flavors plus a side of sauce to try so you can decide which one is your favorite before committing to getting a whole bottle to take home with you.

For those who like their ribs saucy, this will be perfect for you since they fall off the bone when you pick them up with your fingers. The meat practically melts in your mouth, leaving only smoky goodness behind. Thanks to the quality of the meat and how it’s cooked. The portions are large, so you get your money’s worth every time.

All the sides are homemade from scratch, including their famous macaroni and cheese, creamy slaw, cheesy cornbread, broccoli salad, green beans with ham hocks and authentic southern-style banana pudding. Everything is fresh and full of flavor, so you can’t go wrong with whatever side you choose. Those looking for something other than barbecue have chicken tenders that come with fries, onion rings or fresh coleslaw plus pulled pork sandwiches made from Burt & Max’s sauce recipe.

Visit this resturent at: 2910 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN.

Corky’s Ribs and BBQ:

This is one of the top resturent for ordering the best Memphis style BBQ. It’s also great for groups or large families. Kids of all ages will love it here, especially the littlest ones who think everything with barbecue on it is delicious. There are plenty of things to keep them entertained while you wait for your food like arcade games and even an indoor playground if there happens to be bad weather during your meal time.

You can sit inside or outside so either way you won’t have to worry about getting wet if it starts raining since they have covered seating available as well as umbrellas at each table. Their menu includes ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork sandwiches, barbecued chicken dinner, potato casserole, and desserts. They have a pretty simple philosophy: “They use only the finest ingredients to smoke premium meats.”

If you like country music, be sure to visit on the weekends because they have live bands during dinnertime. This gives it a fun and upbeat atmosphere that draws even more people in to eat. 

The location of Corky’s is: 545 Parkway Ste 105 Pigeon Forge, TN 37863. They are open from 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Hungry Bear BBQ:

If you are looking for a buffet, this Hungry Bear BBQ is the place to go. Their menu includes barbecued ribs, baked beans, grilled chicken, green beans, casserole and cornbread. For dessert, they have brownies, chocolate cake and banana pudding, plus more. Hungry Bear also has live music every Saturday night that will keep your toes tapping all night long.

For more information, visit them at: 

1430 Parkway, Pigeon Forge TN 37863. They are open from 11 am – 10 pm daily for dining in or carrying out orders.

Puckett’s Grocery & Bbq Restaurant:

Another great place is Puckett’s Grocery & BBQ Restaurant. Their menu includes ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and some side orders like fried okra. They also offer some desserts which are bread pudding & banana pudding. It has been voted best bbq. This resturent is founded by the Puckett family decades ago, the namesake country store served communities in rural Tennessee for years. It was a place to grab the week’s groceries or a fill a tank of gas but it was also a gathering spot in Leiper’s Fork for many decades.

This resturent has a lot of branches in the united states. You can find all here.

Boss Hogg’s BBQ Shack:

By far, the most popular food to get here is their amazing ribs. They also have side dishes like potato salad, beans, slaw and cornbread, so you have numerous choices all in one place where they are guaranteed to be good. The prices are very affordable, so it’s an excellent place for families or large groups who want BBQ at a reasonable price without sacrificing taste. 

Those who aren’t into ribs but prefer something else on the menu offer beef brisket, smoked chicken wings, and even shrimp that can be added to salads or enjoyed by themselves. If you’re not sure what to order, their massive menu offers many other options like appetizers, sandwiches, burgers and desserts too.

Address: 1198 Wears Valley Rd, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, United States.


All these restaurants have their charm, and any one of them can be your favorite place to go to for BBQ. You cannot go wrong with any of these places for the best food in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. There are many places to eat in Pigeon Forge that have better food. However, people love these place and you can see their reviews. So if you want the experience of eating there, we would recommend trying it out for yourself.

Life is too short, so enjoy your time with your family at these resturents. People die with memories don’t. So what are you waiting for? If you want to find out more things you can do in Pigeon Forge then visit our website to get more info.

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